Extra Virgin Olive Oil Case Gallo de Morón 500 ml variety of olive Morona

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The oil that we present in this case has been made with the variety 'Morona', grown mainly in the town of Morón de la Frontera, a variety of olive with a strong cultural roots in the area.

Its main use is the preparation of table olives for its sweetness and precocity, due to its low extractability it is not usual to process it to make oils. Although traditionally the dressing of this variety has been prepared by the residents of the municipality using their own recipes, popularly known as "seasoned olives", on this occasion, we wanted to present the benefits and quality of their juice.


"Morona" is known to present a splendid ability to table but given its low bitterness and itching, gives rise to soft oils on the palate, and for these juices to redo in the highest quality, the fruits must be collected with extremely low maturity indices , that is, with green olives from the first season.


As for its organoleptic profile, it presents on the nose a fruity green grass of medium intensity. The newly cut grass stands out, with nuances reminiscent of banana, apple, tomato, red pepper and biscuit, with a citrus background.


On the palate, with a sweet entrance, the fruity green herbaceous is clearly perceived, aromas of apple, banana and alloza are appreciated. The bitter is practically imperceptible and the spicy is light and pleasant.


In short, a juice from a place and intrinsic characteristics that make it unique and different from others.



Autovía A92, km. 66, Vía de servicio Apartado de correos, 21 41540 La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla)



  Autovía A92, km. 66, Vía de servicio Apartado de correos, 21 41540 La Puebla de Cazalla

Tradition and modernity at the service of quality

Cooperativa Ntra. Sra. De las Virtudes SCA is a company based in the towns of La Puebla de Cazalla and Mairena del Alcor, with more than 50 years of experience in the field of olive oil and table olives. .

Consolidated as a business entity in continuous growth, it currently reaches more than 2,000 associates, which together with its volume of business make it a provincial reference within the sector.

Having its main activity in the manufacture of extra virgin olive oils and the dressing of table olives, it also has other sections and services that meet all the needs of its members.

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