Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Oro de Cánava

Oils and pickles

4.20 €

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil most appreciated for consumers who know how to find elegance and consume the oil as a source of life.

Certified with the Denomination of Origin of Sierra Mpage as 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it owes its stability and quality to the characteristics of suitability and purity that we find in these incredible olive groves.

Ideal for catering, hospitality, events, ... It will make the food unique and unique where you use it and of value to any kitchen when preparing exquisite dishes. Those who take it with the oil with care, as a good that is used until the last drop with a container that causes admiration.


Oro de Cánava

Carretera Mancha Real-Cazorla, Km 17400, 23530 Jimena, Jaén


Oro de Cánava

  Carretera Mancha Real-Cazorla, Km 17400, 23530 Jimena, Jaén

In Oro de Cánava we are committed to a reference vision as an Extra Virgin of the highest quality and excellence certified under the designation of origin "Sierra Mpage" that constantly cares about a social responsibility in its daily work and equitable work with its partners and customers.

In our mill, founded in 1976, the traditional care in the collection and selection of the fruit is combined with the strictest quality tests.

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