Traditional Valhalla 33cl

Drinks and liquors

59.99 €

Semi dry flavored

Inspired by mead recipes that the Vikings drank, like the king Ragnar Lodbrok.

Semi-drying and cider flavored Fruity and slightly sweet taste, low persistence so does not

sweeten the palate too much, as natural cider does.

Dull yellow melon color, murky look, because it doesn't become clearer, so it gets a real

traditional flavor and unique character.

Perfect for drinking it with no food, or with snacks of cheese and cold meats. It marries nicely

with Gouda and any other fatty cheeses.


Hidromiel Valhalla

C/Maestre Angulo, 6 - Local Sevilla


Valhalla Hidromiel

Origins of the Mead

Mead was the first alcoholic beverage consumed by humanity at their beginnings, and it's believed to be precedent of beer and wine. In ancient times was highly consumed and was widely spread over several nations.

In Europe, it was made and consumed by Greeks, Romans, Celts, Normans, Saxons and Vikings; It was Julius Caesar's favorite drink. In America, the Mayans paired it with tree bark pieces, and in several of these cultures, mead was used to praise heroes and chosen of the gods.
Mead-making method

The Mead came from a long historical journey and its making process is based on fermentation of a mixture of: water, honey and yeast, wich makes the product ferment, reaching closely 11 degrees of alcohol content.

The fermenting process consist of several steps: first it's made the “mosto” (unfermented juice) from water and honey, then the yeasts are added. This mixture is held settling along several weeks at constant humidity and temperature while brewing.

The making method is easy, and as in the case of the wine, the most difficult is about monitoring all agents taking part in the process, like honey origins and quality, water features, kind of yeast, temperature and humidity control, fermentation time period, etc.

At this point “Bodegas Valhalla” makes it different from the rest of firms. The quality of honey produced in Spain, our own making yeast, and the nature and traits of the water from Sevilla, all of them used is the process, along with a real traditional recipe, allow us to offer a nuanced Mead with a true original taste.

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